Wednesday, September 8

Rip Curl Grom Search 2010

This year's Rip Curl Grom Search, once again saw some of Ontario's up and coming kids, killing it both behind the boat and on the rails. Guest coaching for the two days was one of last year's winners, Christian Primrose, bringing his cheerful attitude to the crew, along with his big bag O' tricks. At the end of the two days, RIp Curl once again offered two of the guys a one year sponsorship. Congratulations to Harrison Carter, and Austin Farr!

New Nike 6.0 Rail finished

Josh has finished the new Nike 6.0 Rail and it is in the water. It is a 60 foot, super mellow A- Frame with a small wallride on the side.

Wednesday, August 18


For those of you who missed out on Wakestock 2010, well.... you missed out. Friday went of with a bang, the amature heats pumping off the dock, and the pier packed with spectators. The water was extremely rough for the riders, but with the sun out it wasn't terrible for those of us just hanging out. Saturday was another beauty day, the sun out in full force and the pier now at near max capacity. Alexisonfire and Public Enemy rockin' the Monster stage and the Coors light Beer Garden loaded and getting loaded. From the pier to Rustys in the village, with a little fandageling we got everyone into the bar and continued to send it. The tell tale sign of Journey told us it was time to head to our respective houses and get some rest before morning. Sunday was a total change from Saturday. Waking up to thunder and torential downpoor, headed to the venue once again, just in time to see Women's Pro going off in what is the closest thing to a hurricane I have seen... At the end of the day Melissa Marquardt took Women's Pro, Bob Soven took Men's Pro, and Grant Roberts taking Pro Wakeskate. Awesome weekend all round, see you next year!

Thursday, July 15

Roxy Week

This week here at camp was Roxy Girls week. With 10 girls visiting, we have been all over muskoka keeping them happy. Wakeboarding, wakesurfing, tubing, cliff jumping, another visit from Clean Start, a morning at Cleaves' water playground, and a few other activities in between. Learning new tricks and friends along the way!

Tuesday, July 13

Clean Start

Clean Start has set up a corner in the Roxy Cabin complete with everything you need to keep yourself beautiful, and a flip cam to tell everyone how cool Basecamp and Clean Start are!

Monday, July 12

Billabong Sisterhood Session

For the last two days it has been a full house here at camp. Our first Billabong Sisterhood Sessions of the season rolled through bringing along with it 23 girls to enjoy the beautiful weather and shred time with the crew at Basecamp. Also passing through to help out with coaching was Quebec's Marie-Line Ouellet, representing Billabong along with our own Leslie Sparks. The girls ranged from all ages and skill levels, one or two having never been on a wakeboard. Some amazing meals (as always) from Simone, along with a visit from Clean Start to give the girls a demonstration in dermatology, and an early morning yoga session with Jazz, kept the girls busy when they weren't on the water. By the time the girls were ready to go home sunday afternoon, all of them had progressed their riding a ton, and were deffinatly feeling a bit sore to prove it. We hope everyone had fun, and if you missed out sign up for our next BIllabong Sisterhood Sessions and find out what its all about for yourself!!

Friday, July 2

Happy Canada Day!!

Happy Canada Day! Last night we had a little hoopset out front of Red Leaves resort (J.W. Marriott) and hung around for the fireworks afterward. Complete with flags flying off the towers, canada jerseys, and of course capes. A wonderful way to spend the nations Bday! Come see the show every thursday night!